Vixen's Wedding. Fish Feast001.jpg

Join us rain AND shine!

Vixen’s Wedding is all about bright, flavorful food inspired by Goa, India and Portugal, using local ingredients from our beautiful state of Texas. Managing Chef/Partner Todd Duplechan uses spices, heat, and acidity to create a menu of delicious dishes that pair well with our hot Central Texas climate.

Whether for refreshing cocktails and snacks at the bar, or for the full sha-bang at dinner, Vixen’s Wedding is fun for friends and families to share.

A Vixen’s Wedding is folkloric name describing a sun shower, often leading to a rainbow. It is based on a Portuguese parable about star-crossed lovers (a fox and a wolf) who chose both rain and sun on their wedding day, bringing forth merriment and good fortune. A Vixen's Wedding is a common occurrence in Austin, something that brings us immense joy.